Geoff: tweet @GShipgood
Geoff is a recent graduate of Modern Languages from the University of Roehampton, specialising in Spanish and Translation. Geoff comes from Salisbury in Wiltshire. he moved to London in 2010 and he’s lived here ever since, except for a year when he lived in Valencia. Areas of London he’s lived in: Roehampton, Barnes, Clapham, Fulham.
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Heather: tweet @heathermagazine
Heather is also from Salisbury and moved to Bristol when she was 19. A few years ago she moved to London to start work at That’s Life magazine. Areas of London she’s lived in: Golder’s Green, Harlesden, and Finchley.
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Chloe: tweet @sadlerc2929
Chloe came to London to study English and Classics at Roehampton. She’s lived in London for nearly 3 years, and has lived in Roehampton, Harlesden, Wembley, and Burmondsey.
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Laura: tweet @Laura_Hodgkins

My name’s Laura and I’m 22. I live in Essex and have recently finished my degree in English Literature and Spanish at Roehampton university. My interests include most types of dance, socialising with friends and shopping.
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